Natural Dyes in Finsbury Park Art Club – Day 2

Another wonderful day in the Seeds and Weeds garden of the Finsbury Park Art Club. The garden looked a little different this time; sunflowers stood high and bright, and although the coreopsis beds weren’t as great, the buddleia bushes made up for it.

May could not hold herself… the ends of a T-shirt sleeves went in, within a few minutes the colour was already striking.

Today we wanted to dye mostly cotton, including some cotton thread. Here is Azyba preparing skeins and tie them securely before scouring and mordanting.

One of the jars left out for solar dyeing had broken, somehow, but we had one left to unveil… so exciting. Opening ‘bundles’ is a terribly exciting thing, smiles are often uncontainable.  These Acer leaves worked well.

"It was such fun, and I never thought you could get such great colours from plants"