Artists that have inspired me

Here are some artists and other sources of inspiration whose work I have come across and enjoyed:

Morgen Bardati – beautiful ecoprints and artwork

Kimberly Baxter Packwood – her website is full of excellent and generous information on how to eco dye and prepare textiles.

Druscilla Cole – artist working in printmaking, I enjoy her designs very much.

Michel Garcia – excellent resource for natural dyeing. I like his title “a colourist”.

Linda Germain -printmaking without a press.

Leentje van Hengel – beautiful designs on natural dyes, and so professional.

Alison King – I love the colours and its absolute changing nature on her piece ‘Beyond the river the Heather Burns’.

Sian Martin – Interesting work with stitching, and good website too with advice for artists. Recommends 4 basic books for a textile artist.

Miyuki Tatsumi – Artist working on tapestries. Her piece  ‘Reflection on the other side’ is a favourite of mine – very evocative yet simple.