Image by Jose Antonio Alba from Pixabay

Favourite books

This is just a small list of books on natural dyes, they are great sources of knowledge and inspiration:

Adrosko, Rita J. Natural Dyes and Home Dyeing: A practical guide with over 150 recipes. Dover Pub., NY, 1971.

Booth, Abigail. The Wild Dyer: A guide to Natural Dyes & the art of Patchwork & Stitch. Kyle Books, London, 2017.

Buccigross, Jeanne M. The Science of Teaching with Natural Dyes. BookSurge, 2006.

Buchanan, Rita. A Weaver’s Garden: Growing plants for natural dyes and fibers. Dover Ed., Colorado, 1999.

Burguess, Rebecca. Harvesting Colour: How to find plans and make natural dyes. Artisan, NY, 2011. 

Cardon, Dominique, Ed. The Dyer’s Handbook, Memoirs of Dyeing by a French gentleman-clothier in the age of enlightenment, translated and contextualized, Oxford, 2016.

Casselman, Karen LeighCraft of the Dyer: Colour from plants and lichens. Toronto, 1993, 2nd rev. ed. 

Dean, Jenny. Wild Color: The Complete Guide to Making and Using Natural Dyes. Watson-Guptill Publications, New York, 1999. 

Duer, SashaThe Handbook of Natural Plant Dyes. Timber Press, London 2010. 

Flint, IndiaEco Colour: Botanical Dyes for Beautiful Textiles. Murdoch Books, 2008.

Logan, JasonMake Ink: A Forager’s Guide to Natural Inkmaking. Abrams, 2018.

McLaughlin, Chris. A Garden to Dye For. St. Lynn’s Press. Pittsburgh, 2014. 

Tucker, WilliamThe Family Dyer and Scourer, London, 1826.